October 1, 2013


                        "BOUND, AND AS SUCH, FULLY EMANCIPATED." (Missy Weaver..)


"DEEP WITHIN HER" - the premier story from the "MASTERED" collection is now available on Amazon/kindle, and soon to be available WORLDWIDE - Mwaaa, haaa, ha!

Missy Weaver knew from a tender age that she was different from the other girls. Fundamentally different. While they dream of being swept off their feet to make sweet love under moonlit skies, Missy's fantasies are of a decidedly 'other' stripe.

Alone and afraid, she suppresses her true nature to fashion an 'acceptable' half-life from the inflexible steel that is society. A half-life beginning to take it's inevitable emotional toll.

When the mysterious and very Dominant James Colton sees through her meticulously constructed facade as if it didn't exist, Missy's world is turned upside down. Intruduced to the realm of Dominance and submission, she is shocked and confused when, for the first time, she feels whole. And home.

Will Missy have the gumption to defy the deeply-ingrained societal expectations and come to terms with her submissive nature? The dam is breached, and she hasn't enough fingers to hold back the inevitable deluge!

At long last, Missy comes face to face with the truth she's buried DEEP WITHIN HER...

Find it in Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FJ96LVE