May 8, 2015


At last, TRUSSED, the sequel to MASTERED, is complete and will be live in just DAYS!
Trussed picks up the BDSM reins where Mastered left them, then gallops right off the cliff of mystery and suspense!
It's in the hands of beta readers at the moment and getting INCREDIBLE feedback... 

""KAREN, I AM HONORED to be one of the first to read the sequel to Mastered. 
Congratulations, it's a wonderful book done in fine fashion.
Not only does the writing flow beautifully from page to page, but it made me wet! 
Also, I've been laughing and crying for the past 5 hours!"
(Name withheld to protect the WET! (lol))

With 6 days and counting, TRUSSED me - it's time to get MASTERED!